Sissinghurst, Kent


Entire house refurbishment of an 18th century cottage in Sissinghurst, Kent.  Works started during the March 2020 lockdown and during extended supply delays the scope was extended to include photovoltaics, Tesla Powerwall and an air source heat pump so that the property could remain off grid.

The works also required the existing loft to be regularised to fully comply with building regulations to become a legitimate 5 double bedroom cottage complete with misting sprinkler system.

Following the design stages I worked closely alongside the main contractor providing a full client side design management service.

A word from the client...

"Though my initial brief changed and expanded over the course of the project, you helped me stay on point with a clear vision about how the finished house would look and function. Virtually every piece of advice you gave was followed and worked well. Over time, I realised that even if I disagreed with a particular design decision, the final solution was usually the one you had suggested initially, but you cleverly and carefully guided me towards a good outcome. In short, the good feeling I had about you both as a person and design professional, right from the start, magnified across the course of the project, leading to a sense of trust and confidence. I feel you gave me a firm framework to enable me to achieve the house I wanted but it is a house I could not have achieved on my own. It is so much better than I could have imagined! A particular strength of our working relationship was your fabulous organisational skills. Behind the scenes you successfully managed the many different trades and their differing attitudes towards the job to bring the project to a cohesive whole, which massively reduced the stress for me. Your contacts meant that I had an amazing team for the build, and the selection of the perfect building contractor from the outset made the hard task of remodelling an entire cottage with various planning issues to overcome, a process I can remember fondly (a first for any build for me!). Part of the job that totally exceeded my expectations, was your expertise and the fair and thorough way you project managed the build. You kept everyone on track, chased contractors and successfully negotiated issues so that I did not pay more than I should have for the work. I felt totally reassured that you would navigate all the complexities and problems that came up and felt that you went above and beyond to ensure the projects successful completion. In short, I'm extremely glad to have had you on the project, Louise!"
Mrs S Sargaison
Dulwich Village, London

Photography: Fiona Walker-Arnott