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Having replaced the boiler and re routed the plumbing earlier in the year this has enabled us to address the top floor bathroom. Most importantly we’ve managed to move the soil stack and waste to the outside of the house (which is always a preferable detail in my eyes than it routing down the living room wall…!)

For us, this kind of work is pretty stress free. I have a network of trusty suppliers and tradesmen, costs can be kept low with both the knowledge of how much it should cost and achieving hefty discounts. Also, because I know how long works take to do, I can keep track of the programme pulling trades in only when required (it’s never ideal having your builder, plumber, electrician, tiler and decorator in a 2 x 3m bathroom all at the same time).

Many of my clients have a great insight to design, know what they want (or think they want!) and in many cases are creative enough to come up with a scheme for their own home. What they very often lack however is the time to pull it all together and the contacts to do so in a cost and time effective way.

If you have to ask yourself ‘how much should it cost, how long will it take and who can I use to do the work’ it may be worth considering appointing a project coordinator/ project manager. It still amazes me how many people embark on renovation projects without a contract, costs agreed and a programme. Still too often they pay the price one way or another either by works slowing down and dragging out, escalating costs, disputes with contractors, heightened stress levels or an unsatisfactory finish. It’s surely got to be worth a little extra in the budget to have those situations managed and contained?

If you need help with a project, large or small give me a call or drop me an email at I’m here to help and promise you it won’t break the bank. Look at it as value added and keep your sanity!

Anyway, back to dreaming about my walk in double shower, under-floor heated slate tiles, and atmospheric lighting scheme. I have all the materials on site, a contract in place, tradesmen lined up and it’ll take no more than 10 days… will it team?


Appoint a design coordinator/ project manager. With the amount of your time, worry and project time on site this will save, your refurbishment will be done in no time. Maximum efficiency is what we all want, and very often tradesmen just want and need clear instructions.

great find

I wouldn’t say I was a particularly opulent designer, but a bit of opulence in a super contemporary space can work really well. I love this gilt framed mirror from CP Hart (but you can also find similar from Homesense if you’re on a tight budget!).

By Louise Putman

I'm Louise, founder of architectural interior and spatial design consultancy, REcreate.

I’m a fully qualified architectural interior designer, with a BA(Hons) degree in Interior Architecture and Furniture.

I combine my architectural knowledge with interior design expertise and project management to design or renovate internal spaces.